Hotmail Login

Hotmail is one of the pioneered services in the earlier trendy times of web based mail. They are one of the early birds to launch the services in 1997. One year down the line in 1997, impressed by its potential and profitability factor, it is being acquired by Microsoft. Hotmail provides its prompt services to the 350 million of customers on the monthly basis.

Hotmail is not only a platform for the mail services. You can enjoy the facilities of Xbox Live, instant messaging and other valued services. You can also promote your business though Hotmail promotional services. With its huge customer base you can reach to millions with your captioned product feature. Following are the steps for hotmail login

  • Visit their official hotmail website or you can search them on Google and click on the “Hotmail Login
  • By clicking on it you will be directed to their login page. There will be two tabs to enter information, in the first one you need to enter your hotmail username and just below that in another tab you will be asked to enter your unique password.
  • In case you are login from the public computer do not click on the “Keep me signed in”. Click on it only if you are logging from personal computer.
  • For more secured login the option to login with single use code is given. By clicking on that option you will be asked to enter the contact number linked with the account.
  • After entering the number, click on “Text me the code” and you will receive with the single use code on your phone. The features enable you to protect your account in case someone knows your password details.

In hotmail login there is one added feature that is introduced to prevent the hackers from getting the account targeted for fraud. The feature links your personal contact number with the login process so that only you can login with it. In case other person secretly gets to know about your account password, he won’t be able to access account in two-step login steps.

  • In order to turn the two-step step authentication, the onetime secure code is sent to your phone which you need to enter at the time of hotmail login. Also the password is sent to alternate email address.
  • Then go to the “edit security info” that comes under “password and security info”. You can edit your contact number and also email address in case your older email address is changed.
  • Then select “set up two-step verification” under “two-step verification
  • Follow the instruction that appears after you click on next button.
  • Although some application does not prompt for the process to enter the code. Such devices like X-box or some Smart phones, at the time of login, shows error and will not let you sign in. In that case you need to set up new unique password that enables you to sign in. Once you will be able to login you will not get the error notice next time you log in.

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