Hotmail Create Account

In the year 1996, the revolutionary hotmail is being launched that has created much hype around the world. It is being acquired by Microsoft just one year after its launch. Hotmail is being upgraded with the latest technology to provide the excellent spam filters for unbeatable protection to users account. Hotmail provides the delightful mailing experience to its millions of users with its accurate and customer centric service standards. The following paragraph will explain you the precise step by step guide for Hotmail create account:

create hotmail account

  • Go to the official hotmail site directly or through Google. The website address is Then sign up for the hotmail account, by clicking on it will take you to next step (remember that Hotmail now called
  • You will see the detailed page in which you have to enter details required to create account. Like full name, username, password etc. Password should be equal to or more than 8 characters. The use of number is strongly recommended that makes the password more secure.
  • You will be asked to enter alternate email and personal contact number. It is being asked to be used in case you have forgotten the password.
  • Apart from that you can select the security questions, those questions will be asked at the time resetting the password in case you forgot the password or wants to change the password.
  • After the full form is filled up in order to prove that you are the real human being and not a robotic devise, you need to enter the code or captcha line displayed on the page.
  • At the last you have to agree to the terms and policy of Hotmail account. After you click on “I agree” the process is completed. You have to visit the website again and now login to your hotmail account.

Apart from mailing services the hotmail account can also be used for instant messaging an Xbox entertainment services. Hotmail users can avail the benefits of all this services with one live Microsoft ID. Now you can access the files in your inbox, I Pads, across your PC and smart phones with the launch of new SkyDrive. To add the extra protection to your account the two step protection facility is being provided. That prevents the hackers from attacking your account and keeps all your personal files and details safe and secure. After one has done with Hotmail Create account, every time you login into hotmail account from the sources that are not trusted the Two-step verification is prompted on your computer. Following steps is self explanatory for the clear understanding

  • If you are logging from unsecure device the hotmail account asks your password plus security code.
  • The security code is being sent to the mobile number that is being pre added at the time of Hotmail create account.
  • Enter the code once you receive the message on your mobile containing one time code.
  • Or alternatively the code is being sent to the alternate email address
  • The code can also be obtained from the application that is being installed in your Smartphone.

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