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Over the last 10 years Facebook has introduced many new technologies to make the users experience innovatively delightful, one of the recent new introduction is the time line and setting of profile picture. In order to Facebook login follow the below mentioned easy steps:

facebook login

  • There are two ways you can access the Facebook login page. One is go to their official website or though Google. Type “Facebook Sign up” on Google and click the login, then after you will be directed to their login page.
  • At the top most of the page you have to enter your email address that you have fed at the time of signing up and then after enter your Facebook password. Next to that the tab of “login” is given, click on it after entering the two things mentioned above.
  • The option of “keep me logged in” is recommended to be click only if it is your personal computer. Otherwise of you are using public resources then you should not mark it as it will expose your account to be hacked or accessed by other personal.
  • To retrieve the password in case of you don’t remember what it was Facebook assist you though clicking on “Forgot your password”. By clicking on it the new page prompts which asks the enter email address.
  • After feeding the email address it shows the account details with the profile picture set by users to identify the correct account. If you see your profile picture in there it means you have entered the correct email address.
  • There are three ways to retrieve password. One is sending the link on registered email Id, second one is to get password on the mobile, and the third one is to reset through Goggle account. Pick the one you wish and you can reset your password with the ease.

Facebook also takes care of the security of your account by educating the users about the security features and security tips. These tips and knowledge of keeping the account safety has become very crucial in recent times as the number of hacking incidents by fraudsters has increased in great number. Use following security tips to keep your account safe from hackers

  • The password must be strong enough to include character, numbers and special character. This kind of password makes it difficult for others to remember even if they tries to peek when you are login into Facebook.
  • Use email address which is secure and it is advisable to use primary account that you used for all your majorly tasks.


  • Keep your antivirus updated and run in on frequent times to keep your computer away from the viruses.

Founded in 2004, Facebook has become the revolution in social media segment. It is the synonym of social media as it has gathered huge user accounts of one billion of active users on the current date every month. Facebook is the most happening social media platform where people from around the world can connect to each other and communicate in number of ways. Photo and video sharing, status sharing, instant messaging are one of the many great features that people are enjoying to be in touch with their loved ones and friends.

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