Create Yahoo Account

Almost every individual on the earth must have heard Yahoo in some or another source. Such is the popularity is being enjoyed Yahoo Inc. which is founded in 1994. The multination company is pioneered in proving the world’s most advanced search engine and mail services, web portal services. The popular company attracts almost 700 millions of people around the world every month. The service is offered in more than 30 different languages around the world. To join the yahoo community you need to create yahoo account, simple steps are explained below:

create yahoo account

  • You can opt for any of the two options to begin with. One is you can open their official website and secondly via Google search. Type “Create Yahoo Account” and you will get the first link to go for.
  • After clicking on it you will be taken to their account set up page to feed the information. The page will have advertisement on the left side and right side there will be account detail tab to enter information.
  • In case you have Facebook or Google account you can directly Create Yahoo Account by choosing the option to sign up with Facebook and Google account, then after you will be asked to allow connection. Click on “Allow” and the sign up page will be opened.
  • Enter basic information like name, contact details, gender, DOB etc. that is must for account set up.
  • After entering basic info type the account user name you wish for and check for the availability. There are mainly three domains to choose from, and the last one is After confirming the availability enters the password of your choice.
  • For secure password, make it long of more than 8 characters and don’t choose the password which is a dictionary name or words which can be easily remembered. It will increase the chances of password being remembered by someone else. Include numbers, special characters in it. Re-enter the password just below the password field for confirmation.
  • Then select “Create my account”. In the last step you can add more secure feature in the process of Yahoo create account. The concept of security question is being implemented to add security measures in case of forgetting the password.
  • Select the question from the pop down options and enter the answers which you can remember if those questions will be asked to you in future.
  • Enter your personal contact number and lastly enter the code that is being displayed to prove that you are not a robot.
  • Agree with the terms and condition and select “Done” to complete the process.

Yahoo has made advanced moves in implementing the latest technology to prevent the Phishing and spoofing attacks. The fraudsters attack has been successfully tackled by secure backend operations that keep your personal and business information limited to you only. You can find the detailed ways to protect your account by visiting the “Yahoo security center”. Another security measure added by yahoo is Sign-in seal that let the customer know that they are login from the official yahoo site and not the fraudulent one.

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